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How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Visit

We are aware of the fears and anxieties associated with dentistry and strive to alleviate them through compassion, patience and providing the highest quality of pediatric dental care. Our office is one in which children feel safe and comfortable – from their very first step through the Little Door, they know that this is THE place for them.
A typical experience at our office may look like this….
  • Please enter through the Little Door!  It brings a smile to everyone’s face – patients and parents alike.

  • Each parent and patient is then welcomed by our exceptional front office staff. They are here to serve you, to make you feel welcome and to answer any questions that you may have.

  • We make every effort to begin your child’s appointment within 10 minutes of arrival. We have two play areas equipped with toys, books and movies to help your child pass the time.

  • Your child will then be called to the back by one of our licensed hygienists or dental assistants where his teeth are cleaned or restorative treatment is completed. During treatment, he will enjoy a movie, which plays on a television mounted in the ceiling (an assortment of age-appropriate movies is played through a TV Guardian language filtration system).

Bay Pediatric & Adolescent Dentistry
  • Although we want parents and caregivers to experience the time, effort and compassion that we give to each child, oftentimes children become less anxious and better behaved when they are separated. We assess the emotional and behavioral needs of each child and ask that you trust our professional opinion if we ask you to remain in the waiting area while your child is treated. When time allows, we will invite you back to show you the facility, meet our phenomenal staff and see how great your child did at his dental visit.

  • All of our exam and hygiene chairs are located in a bright and open room where children are with other children. The “open bay” design of the office allows children to experience what is called modeling behavior. Seeing other children at ease oftentimes helps an anxious child become less so. Prizes and games are abundant throughout the office. We are determined to convince your child that dentistry can be fun!

  • It is our hope to provide dental care to our patients from early childhood through adolescence. As such, at age 13, your child will graduate to the “teen bay” where he will enjoy more “sophisticated” movies and décor.

  • Once your child’s dental appointment is complete, either a dentist or qualified member of our team will explain in detail the treatment that was provided.  All of your questions will be answered to your satisfaction at this time.

  • We bid farewell as your child exits back through the Little Door with the knowledge to become/remain part of the cavity-free generation, pride in his smile and anxious to return to our office!

Download and prepare this paperwork and bring it to your child’s first appointment

For your convenience, please complete the attached paperwork and bring it to your child’s first appointment. Please note that while you need to complete only one “New Patient Information” form per family, you must complete one “Medical History” form per child. Additionally, below please find a copy of our Office Policies. We recommend that you read through these and keep a copy for your own files as you are providing your consent to all of our policies by signing the New Patient Information form. Thank you.